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40 years at Nussbaum. 48 years of marriage. And those aren’t final numbers. Garrie and Avis Atkins are tried and true devotees to Nussbaum Transportation and each other. Scrounge secrets from them as they dive into the art of showing up – while driving, in marriage, and at work.

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40 Years at Nussbaum

Garrie dives into his longevity at Nussbaum. From his first glimpse of the company, through 23 years in a truck cab, and the twists of transitioning into the office for 17 years (and counting).

“I didn’t know if they wanted me in the office or if they wanted me off the road.”

He divulges how the hardest part of being a driver isn’t the terrible traffic, the uncooperative weather, or the waiting. It’s being away from home.

48 Years Together

Even though they lived two miles apart their entire lives, Garrie and Avis’ love story didn’t start until Garrie graduated from high school. And even then, it wasn’t all fireworks and heart eyes – Avis’ mom liked Garrie before Avis did! But Avis was the first girl Garrie ever dated, and she’s dedicated to being the last girl he ever dates.

Infatuation molded into love as life carried on – bending, shaping, and opening each other’s eyes to what dedication, protection, and steadfastness meant.

“It takes a strong woman to be the wife of a truck driver.”

The Art of Showing Up

Garrie and Avis will inspire you with gumption – guaranteed – with the art of showing up. At work, in your marriage, while driving… Show up. Just show up each day. These are all hard jobs – being married, staying committed to a job, driving in general – but remember that each day is a new day. Keep going!





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