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The life-saving voice you hear overnight made a day-time trip into Nussbaum. From juggling countless hats in a 12-hour shift in overnight operations to packing a 30-pound canoe around for fun on vacation, Kirsten Gee is a multi-talented gem at Nussbaum who never fails to surprise.

She’s a witness to the terrors of the night, but she’s also the spot of light in the darkness that helps you get through. This long-haired Barbie Doll blondie is one of the most adventuresome outdoorsmen you’ll meet.

She runs marathons, is an aspiring bush crafter, an avid fisherman, and she’s taught English in Africa and built houses in Mexico, and then in her spare time, she’s fishing in Canada.

But where do her empathy and deep-rooted care come from? Discover the unthinkable, yet totally understandable, depths of Kirsten Gee in this episode of Terminal Exchange.




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