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Are you settling into an office chair today? Or are you manning the driver’s seat? Our guests are right at home in both places. We welcome Maya Hernandez, Brian Johnson, and Chris Chaney to sit down with us in this episode of Terminal Exchange.

These three drivers turned driver managers are the breath of fresh air you’ve been waiting for at Terminal Exchange. They share a full-circle perspective of Nussbaum from the heart of a driver and the thoughts of a driver manager.

But what brought them into the office? And is there that big of a difference between office work and their first presumptions of it? In one word – yes.

Listen to the driver’s voice – the frustrations of both roles, the eye-opening realizations, and the game of Tetris that is the trucking industry.

Enjoy Maya, Brian, and Chris’s stories from over-the-road to over-the-phone.




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