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The Baby of the Family

You probably knew about Nussbaum family members working at Nussbaum Transportation by their names: Brent Nussbaum, Kirk Nussbaum, and Brendon Nussbaum. But did you know about the fourth?

Alden and Tillie Nussbaum’s seventh child, the baby of the siblings, is making a living at Nussbaum among other employees.

As a driver, you’ve probably heard from her as a recruiter or the head of the driver trainee program. And as a non-driver, you can’t miss her irresistibly joyful smile and laughter in the office.

Bend an ear to this episode of Terminal Exchange as Tianne Overmyer divulges her unique perspective on Nussbaum Transportation as an owner, an employee, and one of Alden and Tillie Nussbaum’s daughters.




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