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This week we welcome Jonathan Rust to Terminal Exchange. And you could write at least a 12-chapter book on him. Jonathan starts the episode by meandering through how he got started in trucking, but the fairytale opening ends there.

In one of the most real episodes to date of Terminal Exchange, Jonathan shares the humbling twists and U-turns of his life. Jonathan steps through the events that have shaped who he is today: meth/cocaine addiction, wrecks that will leave you shaking, the cornerstone of his son’s birth, the life of a single father, and the death of his best friend.

But the tragedies cannot outweigh the blessings he has now – a loving “superwoman” wife, an outstanding teenage son, and a family that he’s determined to change the narrative for.

He’s cheated death multiple times and is now living life to its fullest. Press play on this episode of Terminal Exchange with Nussbaum driver Jonathan Rust.





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