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Dennis Gray hops into the hot seat this week on Terminal Exchange. He’s been cruising our nation’s roads for a while now, but before he was a navigator of the sea seeing the world. We could write a book on him – but here’s just a brief glimpse of Captain Dennis.

600 lb Marlin to 80,000 lb Truck

Dennis divulges his fascinating history from the army to computers in the ’80s to captaining sport fishing boats and more.

“I ran all sorts of different boats: party boats, cruise boats, dive boats, off-shore oil field crew boats, supply boats, and private boats. I had a lot of fun driving the private boats.”

He’s seen the world, seen a lot of ocean, and now he sees a lot of growth and opportunity as a Nussbaum driver.

“We need to get to dancing again. And get our rhythm back. And I think once we get our rhythm back, our strong heart beat’s going to return.”

In this episode of Terminal Exchange, Dennis wows with where he’s been, but also where he sees Nussbaum going as an employee-owned company. Listen now for worldly stories and wisdom from Captain Dennis Gray.




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