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It’s the final countdown…

We’re preparing to wrap up this round of 4DX at the end of August. Will we meet our goal of reducing driver turnover to 25%? Only time will tell.

Phillip sits down with Caleb from the Recruiting Team and Nathan Anderson from the Load Planners and Account Managers team in this episode of Terminal Exchange.

Recruiting Team

Increase online reviews. Increase drivers in Certified RED.

Caleb and the Recruiting Team have completed their first WIG of increasing online reviews for Nussbaum, and now they’re working on expanding the number of drivers in Certified RED. He explains what Certified RED is and how it doesn’t just benefit the driver; it benefits the company. What drives you to become Certified RED?

“Well, we’re employee-owned. So being employee-owned means if it’s good for the company, it’s also good for you as the driver. It’s tying the two together.”

Load Planners and Account Managers Team

Decrease home time misses.

Nathan Anderson and the Load Planners/Account Managers team are facing a frustrating feat head-on. How can they get drivers home successfully and on-time? Check out how they ensure a load is good-to-go for a driver and what counts as a home time miss. They’re holding themselves to a high standard and are hard at it.

“Where is this load going to end this guy? You’re calculating his drive time now, the hours left on his 70, how many you expect him to have once he’s delivered that load, and the probability of having a load in that area that’s going to get him back home.”



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