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Sit down with Bill Wettstein in this episode of Terminal Exchange – family man, minister, farm boy, driver trainee, and Nussbaum CFO.

Get to Know Bill

From college to CPA to CFO, Bill’s had his foot on each rung of the ladder. Have a hearty laugh and a few heart-checks with him as he relives memories and life lessons from 21 years at Nussbaum.

“I found that in my life, that’s how God has often worked. That I have to be content where I’m at before doors open.”

Family, Farming, and Faith

You may think you’re busy with babies, but the word takes on a new definition in a house full of teenagers. Bill raises kids, organic crops, and an “Old Macdonald” type farm. And on top of it all – he’s a minister at his church, giving a couple of sermons each month.

“So, you’re asking me how I serve Nussbaum, how I serve my wife, how I serve my kids, and how I serve my church? Yeah – I don’t know. That is probably one of my biggest questions – is how I do any of those well!”

Nussbaum CFO and Driver Trainee

He wears both hats right now. Bill’s out on the road with trainer Mike Cline this week – we’ll hear about their travels upon their return. Tune in!

“I can tell you how much it’ll cost us to do the trip we do, but I don’t know how to do the trip. So, that’s what I want to learn.”




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