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Phillip and Cory Adams are sure to leave you grinning with their father/son banter, teary-eyed with stories of tragedy, and ready to take on safe driving with their episode of Terminal Exchange.

Father/Son Duo

You’ll hear their smiles in this episode. You’ll feel gut-wrenching agony. You’ll be thinking about how easily you take safety for granted.

Phillip chats with his dad, Cory Adams, who is Nussbaum’s Development Coordinator. But, one thing leads to another, and their playful banter leads into a choked-up memory.

“Trucks – they can all be replaced. But lives can’t.”

Driver Development

What does Cory do at Nussbaum? Mainly, he helps increase the fleet’s fuel efficiency. But listen in as he unloads how he began trucking (at the ripe age of four) and his journey through Nussbaum.

“I think he stepped on the brake pretty quick. I would have ran right through the barn otherwise.”

You Can Never Be Too Safe

Cory shares a searing memory that will shake you. There’s a reason behind his passion for safety. And you’ll be hugging your loved ones a little tighter after hearing his close encounter.

“Don’t continually beat yourself up over your mistakes but learn from them. Keep them in mind just enough to avoid repeating them.”

Dad Jokes

Get ready to facepalm. We’ve got dad jokes for days and a surprise coming your way for Father’s Day. Peek behind the curtain with a short snippet in this exchange. Tune in for the full bonus exchange coming soon!



Company Newsletter Featuring Eddie Adams’ (Cory’s Dad) New Truck



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