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Plasma actuators, flux capacitors, and who knew that solar paint was even a thing? Join us this week as we talk future-tech and innovation with Truck Centers EVP Justin Hopkins and Nussbaum’s Director of Maintenance, Tony Morthland.

Trucks of the Future

These trucks may not be ready to jump back to the future… but there are some amazing new technologies on the horizon for Nussbaum drivers. Justin and Tony share some of the things you might see in the near future and speculate on some things may be possible beyond…

I think the sky’s the limit, technically

Justin Hopkins

A Deeper Partnership

Truck Centers and Nussbaum have had a long-standing relationship that continues to grow and deepen. Listen in as Tony and Justin talk about that relationship and how working together, they have been able to solve problems, generate new ideas, and keep Nussbaum equipment on the cutting edge in both technology and performance.

Our partnership goes deep, it’s not just an 8-5 Monday through Friday, we’ve been known to text or call each other at 10 or 11 o’clock at night. We’re always challenging each other with what we can do better for the whole system.

Tony Morthland





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