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He always does both – ruling the pool table and perfecting his planning. Tomorrow’s episode of Terminal Exchange features the fast-talking, slow-driving Randy Pugh. Tune in for a guaranteed laugh.


The fast-talking, slow-driving Randy Pugh is sure to delight you with tales from 40 years of driving experience and nine years at Nussbaum. Throw it in reverse and hear how Randy’s grandfather and father cued him up to become who he is today.

Fast Talking, Slow Driving

You’re about to listen in on one of Terminal Exchange’s shortest episodes. And that’s because Randy can talk fast enough to fit two hours of conversation into under 40 minutes. He’ll leave you with a few laughs and a smile, guaranteed.

“That’s my goal. Everyday. I want to make everybody that I deal with laugh. Sometimes I’m explaining to my wife why it was funny, you know… but I’m laughing about it.”

Throw it in Reverse

Randy backs up into how his grandfather and father prepared him for a life of trucking – including a story of loops, and loops, and LOOPS of backing around a plant. And after a half day of backing one way, he’d spend the other half backing it blindside.

Always a Top Driver

He’s one of Nussbaum’s elite: a Training Engineer, Road Captain, and Certified RED driver rolled into one. Making sure he knows the equipment, the company, and his coworkers inside and out, Randy shares not only a chuckle or two but sage wisdom.

“My grandfather, he always said, ‘You don’t have a problem unless you don’t have a solution.’ So if something comes up, it’s not a problem, it’s something I need a solution for. And I’m going to figure it out.”

The Pool Shark of Planning

Take a step into Randy’s life outside of the truck as he dives into his perfect planning and how standing behind a pool stick got him there. Steady hand, steady mind, steady driving – this guy always hits the right pocket and always hits the right timing.





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