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“I’ve been doing this for years; do I really need more training?” In this week’s Terminal Exchange, we dive deep into this question with Nussbaum Development Coordinator, Cory Adams.

4DX Spotlight

Nathan Wertz is facilitating one of our two 4DX Driver Manager teams. Together, they are working to help get better information to our drivers more efficiently and reduce call volumes. The result? Our drivers get to spend less time waiting on the phone and more time doing what they love. Nathan joins us this week to talk about their team’s goal and the work they’ve done so far.

Training Professional Drivers

Who was the greatest basketball player of all time? Somewhere in the answer to that question, we might just find out why training for professional drivers is necessary. On this week’s episode, Cory Adams talks about the importance of continuous development. We also get to hear a few good stories from his basketball days.



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