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Mix together a handful of wisdom, a helping of humor, wrap it all up in some great family stories, and what do you get? Tune in to this week’s episode to meet The Prodigy: Performance Coach, Maya Hernandez.

Best Fleets To Drive For

This past week at the 81st TCA Annual Convention, Brent Nussbaum accepted the award for Best Overall Fleet to Driver For in the Small Carrier category on behalf of Nussbaum. Join us as we listen in on the presentation and hear Brent’s acceptance speech.

4DX Spotlight

This week we celebrate the work of our 2nd Shift Shop Team. Lead by Jake Grey, they are working in tandem with the 1st Shift Shop Team to implement a new check-in process for equipment maintenance. The results? Better upfront communication and planning that result in more efficient trips to the shop and less overall downtime for drivers. Listen to the episode to hear more from team leader Jake Grey.

The Prodigy

As a young woman uncertain about her future, Maya Hernandez made a surprise decision to follow an unusual career path. Today, Maya has no regrets about becoming a truck driver.

In this week’s feature exchange, you’ll meet Maya, hear about her journey into the world of trucking, how she became a performance coach at Nussbaum, and why we like to call her “The Prodigy.”




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