Ep. 8 // Clark Reed: Perfecting Patience

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Patience – a virtue that we pray for but also sweat when God forces us to grow it. Clark Reed is a patience pro and a successful driver. But he unloads how he’s far from perfect.

Ep. 7 // The Veteran, The Counselor, and The Prodigy

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As a professional driver, have you ever struggled with the idea of being coached by someone who has never sat in that seat? That’s where Jeff King, Mike Vanyzendoorn, and Maya Hernandez step in. These three active Nussbaum drivers are excited to build new relationships with other drivers and share their experience as our newest driver performance coaches.

Ep. 6 // Garrie & Avis Atkins: The Art of Showing Up

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40 years at Nussbaum. 48 years of marriage. And those aren’t final numbers. Garrie and Avis Atkins are tried and true devotees to Nussbaum Transportation and each other. Scrounge secrets from them as they dive into the art of showing up.

Ep. 5 // Brent Nussbaum: The End of 6×2?

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Are you ready for the thriller of 2019? We’ll dish it out in this episode stocked with specs on Nussbaum’s new 2020 Freightliner Cascadias and future gadgets en route. Step aside, Jetson Family, Nussbaum’s bringing the future.

Ep. 2 // Faith & Family “ON AIR” and OTR

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Brian and Janine host the afternoon show on Central Illinois’ Christian radio station, WCIC. Janine, an aspiring ballerina turned almost reporter turned high school teacher turned radio host, dazzles with her joyous laugh and compassionate heart. Brian, a former government worker – who always brings the fun – oozes quick wit and quotable one-liners.

Ep. 1 // Vicky Brown: A 30-Year Nussbaum Legacy

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30 years at Nussbaum. 48 years with her beloved husband. Loyalty is Vicky’s nature. Glean sage advice from a servant-hearted woman who has seen it all and listen to her final moments at Nussbaum.

CFO With a CDL

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We were happy as could be that we had passed and received our CDL’s, but it was a hot afternoon when we brought that 1990 Pete day cab back from Springfield. Without any air conditioning, we had the windows down, and the engine was screaming as we came up I-55. And so conversational yelling ensued.