Ep. 36 // The Giant Teddy Bear, Calvin Foster

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On first appearance, Calvin may make you hesitate. But he washes any hesitation away with a hearty handshake, genuine, joyful smile, and a heart of service and wisdom. Calvin talks about his testimony, how he ministers awake and asleep, and what he wants you to know about living life.

Ep. 35 // 3rd Quarter Survey Results

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Want answers now? This episode is for you. Brent addresses the overly busy operations departments, new hires, and concerns about Nussbaum’s growth. Take heart that the comment you submitted in the survey has been read, will be addressed, and is being worked on now.

Ep. 34 // A Real Fish Story

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Dennis Gray hops into the hot seat this week on Terminal Exchange. He’s been cruising our nation’s roads for a while now, but before he was a navigator of the sea seeing the world. We could write a book on him – but here’s just a brief glimpse of Captain Dennis.

Ep. 33 // WIGing Out

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Phillip sits down with Caleb from the Recruiting Team and Nathan Anderson from the Load Planners and Account Managers team in this episode of Terminal Exchange.

Ep. 31 // Bill and Mike’s Excellent Adventure

Whether you’re a trainee or veteran driver, this episode will be the best 30 minutes of entertainment you’ve heard in a while. Trainer Mike Cline took CFO Bill Wettstein out on the road as a trainee for a week. And the stories are just as good as you’re imagining.

Ep. 30// CFO, Bill Wettstein

Sit down with Bill Wettstein in this episode of Terminal Exchange – family man, minister, farm boy, driver trainee, and Nussbaum CFO.

Ep. 28 // Summer Song

Terminal Exchange is celebrating Independence Day in a slightly different style than our typical episode. Enjoy this homespun narrative of patriotism.

Ep. 27 // So Many WIGs

It’s a bit wild, extremely important, and our main goal at Nussbaum. And that makes it our Wildly Important Goal (WIG). Each departmental team at Nussbaum has its own tasks to complete to make it happen.