International Roadcheck 2019

Roadcheck 2019 will be taking place from Tuesday, June 4 through Thursday, June 6. Over those 72 hours, about 10,000 federal inspectors will be on the lookout across 2,000 locations.

Approximately 14 inspections will take place every minute across the U.S.! This year the focus is on steering and suspension systems.

The Stats

During Roadcheck 2018:

Be Prepared!

Buckle up. Don’t speed. Secure your freight. Make sure your equipment is in good shape. And contact the shop immediately with any concerns.

Check out the Roadside Inspection Cheat Sheet and Inspection Tips from a Highway Patrolman.

Retired Wisconsin State Patrolman, Jeff Swan, shares more tips in Episode 23 of Terminal Exchange.

A Note from Cory

“There is no substitute for performing all the required inspections when it comes to having a successful inspection during Roadcheck 2019. 

The emphasis this year will be on steering components and the chassis. So,

Report all defects as prescribed by our maintenance department, and follow their instructions for repairs of those defects.

The more you do these inspections, the more efficient and effective you can be. Keeping a clean truck, inside and out and keeping a professional disposition never hurts at an inspection or helping an officer decide whether your truck should be inspected or not.”


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